Concert in Athens Cathedral Church 27 February 2019 (Metropolis of Athens)

ERGASTIRI PSALTIKIS® will perform a concert in Byzantine Music at the Sacred Cathedral of Holy Annunciation, the Metropolis Cathedral of the Church of Athens on February 27, 2019, at 07:00 pm.
At this concert, the musical compositions of contemporary Protopsaltes (precentors) – Composers will be presented and performed. Specifically, the works of the following protopsaltes and composers:

Dimosthenis Paikopoulos
Georgios Hatzihronoglou
Fotios Ketsetzis
Athanasios Vougiouklis
Nicolaou Giannou and
Joseph Yazbeck

These protopsaltes, who have honored ERGASTIRI PSALTIKIS® before with their participation as soloists in our concerts, will be present at the concert.

Wishing to honor them and their contribution, ERGASTIRI PSALTIKIS® will interpret their musical compositions, which have left a mark on the ages-old Art of Psalmody.


Συναυλία Μητρόπολις Αθηνών 27 2 19 Βίντεο